The Mistakes That Managers Make and How Much It Costs book

The Mistakes That Managers Make and How Much It Costs Them

The Mistakes Managers Make is a series of short stories depicting workplace experiences that led to the development of a management system that, when applied, results in favorable results as measured in every metric.

What Readers Are Saying

“The Mistakes Managers Make and How Much It Costs Them, is a true breath of fresh air for business students and professionals. As a successful entrepreneur and multi-corporate divisional CEO, John Strazzanti shares how true transparency results in positive employee attitudes and morale with corporate performance rated in the top five percent of all competitors. This book is a must read for business students and career professionals who value strong, positive, employer – employee relationships.”

George Miaoulis, Jr., PhD

“The Mistakes Managers Make and How Much it Costs Them should be required reading for every student of business and management. It is not only a fascinating read but filled with both common sense and innovation. This is something we see way too little of in the world of business. As a leader in his field John has had great success, and he did that by giving those that worked for him a voice. He was a leader that listened and took action. There is so much to learn from his approach!”

Gretchen Bernfeld, MA, Director of the Primal Institute